Worth paying a visit to in the surroundings of           Lilla Huset



Drama show of historic happenings in the upper classes, iron manufacturing, farm servants life, the nature, park and garden. June- August summer courses and exhibitions.


Lammhults Möbel AB; Manufacturer of design furniture                   Planka_p02

Norrgaveln; Manufacturer of furniture produced on echological basis.  

Svenssons i Lammhult; Design furniture shop   

Nilssons i Lammhult; Design furniture shop

Lädja Snickerimagasin; Manufacturer of own designed furniture in wood and special woodwork. 

Svenssons Specialsnickerier; Handicraft production of wooden furniture for home interiors.   

Bruno Mathsson International AB   concrete3

Källemo AB; Manufacturer of design furniture   

Swedese Möbler; Manufacturer of design furniture  


Boda Borg; Adventurous challenges testing everyone’s senses

Sävsjö Swimming-Hall; Adventure bath.

Huseby Manor : Remarkable and cultural historic environments as well as museums.

High Chaparral; Wild West theme park, Wild West shows and post-industrial museum of cultural artifacts and collectibles.

Elkpark in Vrigstad   201010150752001

Tourriding on Iceland horses 

Burnwood heated sauna along with relax.  

Komstad kvarn och kafé; Mill, café and country shop from the beginning of 2000 century. 

Gamla Bankgården Vrigstad; Bank museum, collection of bookmarks and Machine museum ”From Quill pen to computor”. 

Vallsjöbaden; Beautiful place near the lake Vallsjön with different activities and service. June – August Wednesdays at 7 p.M dancing with living music, Sundays at 5 p.M stage entertainment.

Eksjöhovgårds slottsruin; Ruin of a big house of stone, built 1650   

Country shop of Modahl;  old active country shop.

Nydala Klosterträdgård; Garden from the middle age close to the church and monastery in Nydala. The garden is always open for interested visitors.

Ancient remains and  rune-stones in the Municipality of Sävsjö (Sibbestenen, Vallsjöstenen and Västragårdsstenen)Runstenar




Antikt och Loppis

Antika Rum 

Vrigstad Antikcenter    

Östregårds Loppis, Moheda

School museum, Moheda

Home district park, Moheda

Kronobergshed, cultural historic environments.      kronobergshed                             Place for regiment of Kronoberg 1777 – 1919
J E Lindstrands Speceri & Diversehandel, museum of old country business

Antikt på torget 

Erikshjälpens Second Hand



Story-telling Museum in Ljungby

Smålands Bil-, Musik- och Leksaksmuseum 





Kosta Boda; Modern design and shopping. Oldest glasswork of Sweden established in 1742.  glassblåsning

Målerås Glassworks; Production of blown and died glass items.

Transjö Glassworks; Art glass in smaller series for sale only on place.

Orrefors Glassworks place; Timeless design of heavy crystal.

Micke Johans Konstglas; World famour art-glass blown by the master himself in his own glass-factory.

Pukebergs Glassworks; Powerful old glass works buildings made in brick.

Nybro Glassworks; Hand-painted glass   

Sea Glassworks 

JFS Johansfors; Melded glass. Glassware, unique art glass and rum bottles.

Boda; Artistical glass works studio.

Skrufs Glasbruk; Production of wine glasses and decanters of chrystal in pure style.